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I'm Lara and this is my story...

I live in Mallorca and this is where I started studying fashion design back in 2002, I was then accepted to do a full year of study abroad in the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. After this wonderful year abroad I went to Barcelona to finish my Fashion Design degree at ESDI. 

I then came back to Mallorca and did an internship with Sebastian Pons (Mallorquín designer  who had spent time working with Alexander McQueen and had also debuted his own collection in New York Fashion Week) this was a very enriching experience. After that I went to New York to do another internship, this time with Anna Sui. I helped prepare Spring 08 production and Fall 08 fashion show, I learnt so much during those months in the hectic world of fashion. 

When I got back from New York to Mallorca, I took part in "ART JOVE 2008" a fashion competition organized by the Balearic Government and I won the 1st prize!

In 2009 I went back to London to do a print course at Central Saint Martins and that was it, I then started working in a completely different industry in Mallorca. 

10 years after, here I am, I have finally found the courage to set up my own little brand of children's clothing. When I had my son, who is now 4 years old I started designing again and Nesting Brand is the result of this. I am very happy and excited and I hope YOU love what I do. 

The idea behind Nesting Brand is simple, how often has it been time to leave the house and you end up having to chase your children because they don’t want to get changed into “street appropriate clothes", or how many times have you taken your child shopping in pijamas?  Children, especially young ones, don’t only sleep during the night but also take long naps during the day, they should be able to sleep at any time just as comfortably as during the night. Nesting brand has been created with this idea in mind, you can wear the clothes during the day and look cool and feel comfortable and you can wear them during the night and feel comfortable and at the same time look cool. Nesting Brand makes children's clothing to wear day or night just to feel and look good all the time. 

I have designed black and white bold prints to appeal to even the smallest babies eyes. Everything I do is completely gender neutral and 100% organic cotton. I won't be doing seasonal collections but will be adding new prints to the existing ones gradually. I firmly believe in the need of change in the fashion industry to create a more ethical and sustainable future. I would like to encourage people to think about quality, not quantity! Only buy clothes you love and take good care of them, pass them down to younger siblings, cousins or friends and if at some point they do get a little tare remember you can always iron on a patch or repair the garment. All together we can build a better future for the fashion industry and our planet. 

Thanks for reading :) 




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